Twenty One

Farmers Republic

Farmers Republic
Roofed producers’ market, grocery, kitchen

Architectural design
NaNt Architects (Nikos Alexiadis, Nikos Tourtoglou)
30, N. Trypia St., Nea Philadelphia
2107787583, 6936794616 /

Twenty One Constructions

General Information
Location: 23rd km. N.R. Athens – Lamia, 1, Chiou St., Kryoneri
Surface: 1,200 m2
Materials: wood, metal, textile

It is the place where there are accommodated a producers’ market, a grocery and an open plan kitchen.
The building where these activities are housed is characterised by the clearly industrial shell and the austere grid of the concrete frame. The building has one level with big internal height. The functions arrangement was determined by the size and the number of the openings. The grocery is located at the sunless part in order to protect the dry meals, while the producers’ market at the sunlit part in order the natural light to highlight the fresh products. The entrance and the kitchen create a rest and meeting area – a square in the middle of the market. The kitchen is open, Π-shaped, while each side serves for a different function (drink, display window, food). The side where the food is prepared looks like a house kitchen and may be also used for cooking seminars.
The materials dominating the space are those existing in any open-air market.
Wood_ wheeled benches that allow the creation of different arrangements hide within crates for food transport.
Textile_ big “bright” textile strips along the narrow side of the rood, creating folds.
Metal_ a big pergola forms the boundaries with the square and on its vertical sides there are shelves necessary for the operation of the kitchen /four tilt windows, main features of the grocery’s look, they provide the sensation of alteration from interior to exterior space.
Crate_ red crates decorate, are used as chairs and also create an information desk.