Twenty One

Glazing’s insulation

Eco-friendly insulation works

During the project implementation at an existing building, we noticed that there were significant thermal losses by the glass part of the roof, which did no longer serve for sunlight penetration. Despite the fact that the glasses were double-glazed and they were covered with reflective membrane, there were noticed temperature measurements up to 55C during summer, while during winter there were huge heat losses to the environment. Thus, due to cold or heat, greater current consumption was required by air-conditioning plants in order to achieve the desired temperature at the interior.
There were used heat-insulating – sound-absorbing materials from thermosetting polyester fibres (from recycled PET packages) that are not affected by the environmental conditions, such as humidity, weather conditions, chemicals, oils, acids etc.; also they are not carcinogenic, they do not have fibres’ loss, they are recyclable, self-extinguishing (Class 1), long-lasting, with excellent thermal insulation capacity, while they are unique in the absorption of low frequencies.
Furthermore, the coating of the heat-insulating – sound-absorbing material with aluminium foils led to the significant reduction of the temperature under this foil due to the heat reflection due to radiation (up to 90%).
After the completion of the works, the measurements showed that the temperature remained stable between 20-25C, even without air-conditioners.